Reaching Out to Those in Need

​Our goal is to reach out within our community in an effort to meet the basic daily essentials of those in need.

Due to COVID 19 complications, we are not distributing these items therefore, we are not accepting any donations of kitchen items, linens, bedding, child and infant seats, etc. as well as all clothing items.  Please do not leave any of these donations outside our door when we are closed. Many times bags of donations have been left and by the time we arrive, they have been strewn around the property. We simply put them in the garbage.  We will put up notices and update this website when we are able to accept donations again.


Stillpoint Mission is dedicated to providing, food, diapers, clothing and utility bill assistance to those in need. Click here to see the assistance programs we offer.”


Your donations allow us to continue to support our community and help more people in need. To donate, click here!

About Us

Click here to get to know the people who keep Stillpoint running and learn about our history.


“Need to reach us? Give us a call at (941) 748-6835. Click here for additional contact information.”

We serve all who come through our doors in need of the resources we can provide.

All of our services are free.

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