Covid 19

COVID 19 Precautions and Policies at Stillpoint Mission

During this time of a pandemic, we all want certainty in our lives as far as possible. We want to be able to know the threats we face from this horrible virus so we can plan our days, at least to some extent. We think it is helpful for our wonderful volunteers, clients and supporters to know how the Board sees, at this point in time, the near-future operations of Stillpoint.

  1. We must take all reasonable actions to protect the health and well-being of our volunteers and clients. If the virus infiltrates Stillpoint, we will have to shut down until it is safe to re-open.
  2. The services we provide are food, diapers/personal hygiene items, clothing and financial assistance. Moreover, due to God’s beneficence, we have been able to significantly increase the quantity of items in each service category.
  • We have more than doubled the amount of food for each client; 
  • We have upped the number of diapers for each mom to the average number needed weekly for a  baby based on size of diaper. E.g., moms of newborns receive 70 diapers; moms needing size 5’s receive 30 and so forth. 
  • Finally, we have increased our financial assistance for utility bills from $75 ($85 for vets) once every 3 months.

3.  As long as we avoid the virus, with the Good Lord’s help, we need to continue to provide the Stillpoint services we can supply in a safe environment. To date we have done so. We require every volunteer and everyone visiting the Mission to wear a mask at all times (including while waiting to be served in the parking lot).  Clients are directed to social distance at 6 feet apart while in lines.

We serve all who come to Stillpoint Mission in need of the resources we can provide.

All of our services are free.

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